Soul Buttons

Soul Buttons

About Mrs. Buttons’ Magical Cards
Over the 9 years of my Granddaughter’s life I have shared many adventures of Mrs. Buttons. Naturally being the creative, original, artistic child she is she listened with the imagination of a child in dreamland.

One day I asked her to draw a picture of Mrs. Buttons.  She created a picture and put a golden looking button right where she believe Mrs. Button’s heart would be. She said, “Press the special button Nana and make a wish”. As I took time to think of a wish I knew my wish came from deep within my soul.  Thus I forever called the buttons “Soul Buttons” and the cards “Magical Cards”.

None of the cards are painted without thinking of how exceptional the soul button is. It creates an individual touch to each card. It is up to the sender to gently whisper a special wish onto the button. As the sender presses the button the wish remains forever to be received.

Purchase a Soul Button card:
See the various choices of cards that are located on my instagram page @officialsoulbuttons, or complete the request form on the contact tab. 

Creating Your Own Soul Button Card:
Follow the suggested direction for creating a Magical Soul Button Card:

  1. Think of someone that you would like to give a card
  2. Select a button of your choice.  Be sure it is flat so that it can easily be mailed.
  3. Gather your art materials- a blank card stock paper, paints of your choice, drawing pencils, glue, and envelope for the card.
  4. Now begin to paint and wait for it to dry before writing a message on the inside of the card. 
  5. Once the message is written, glue your special button to the card.
  6. Softly whisper a special wish that you want for this person. 
  7. Put it in the envelope and mail or give it to the person.

Mrs. Buttons Book Discussion:
These questions are found on the last page of the book to assist in discussion.

  1. What do you think Parisa’s friend, who is so scared, says when she receives her Magical Button Card?  And what do you think Parisa’s wish is for her friend?
  2. When Eaton gives his Magical Button Card to his Nana, what do you think she will say? And what do you think Eaton’s wish is for his Nana?
  3. What do you think Mr. Crocket, who is lonely so much of the time, says to Alden when he receives his Magical Button Card? What do you think is Alden’s wish for Mr. Crocket?
  4. Won’t Clairabelle’s daddy be surprised when she gives him her Magical Button Card she created?  He gives so much to the homeless.  What do you think Clairabelle’s wish is for her daddy?
  5. What do you think EC’s mother and sister say when they receive his Magical Button Card?  What do you think his wish is for them?
  6. Finley loves helping anyone who needs help.  Finley said, “The next time I come to Dreamland, I am going to make a Magical Button Card.”  Who do you think Finley will make a card for?
  7. Who would you give a Magical Button Card to?